About Us
           Srixon Sports Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (also call SSMT) is located in Kabinburi Industrial Zone which is east of Thailand, about 180 km from Bangkok.
           In 2007, SSMT was established as a joint venture with Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.  and Capital Point Asia Ltd., the holdings company newly established by the major shareholders of Yuan Chi Group and Grand Sports Co., Ltd. in order to secure a production base for cost competitive tennis balls and to improve manufacturing capacity. SSMT purchased tennis ball production facility owned by Vega balls Manufacturing Co., Ltd. whose major shareholders are also Yuan Chi Group and Grand Sports Co., Ltd.
Business of SSMT
           Srixon Sports Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. manufactures tennis balls, Pressurized, Pressureless and rubber balls for exporting which are approved by the board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). Products are produced according to conditions and requirements of customers under trademarks of the company and customers.
           Relating to the customers satisfaction, the products produced are conformed to ITF (The International Tennis Federation) approval in accordance with the specifications of the ITF Approved Tennis Balls.
           The ITF certification is shown as on the packaging of SSMT manufactures tennis balls. So our customers would be appreciated to meet the quality products as per the standard specification of our process of manufacturing the tennis balls.
Our Goal
           - To optimize individual and group potential.
           - To emphasize quality assurance.
           - To meet customers' satisfaction.
           - To set up long term business relationship with customers.
           - To be the first class tennis balls manufacturer in the world.
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