Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policies
           Srixon Sports Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as manufacturer of high quality Tennis Balls incorporates important emphasis on responsibility towards social environment, occupational, health, safety and working conditions of our workers to attain high level of customer’s satisfaction and working standards of our company.
In serve these objectives, our company has been undertaken to implement the following :
1. Timely delivery to meet customer’s satisfaction.
2. Reduction and prevention of possible risks of accidents.
3. Abide strictly to the rules and regulations relating to environment, occupational health and safety issues.
4. Place important emphasis on all resources through proper control of energy consumption and implementing policies of recycling used materials.
5. Reduction and prevention of possible pollution through proper disposal procedures.
6. Updating and continuous development of the company’s quality, environment, occupational, health and safety activities.
7. Commitment to safety and environment for prevention of injuries and healthy for all employees.
8. Active participation and involvement with environmentalists by sharing company’s environmental policies.
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